The laws of a new world and magic paintings…

4 11 2009

Realised yesterday that Granny Battle’s world is far more complex than I’d thought, so before I go any further I need to lay down a few laws…  And sketch a basic map of the village (in both worlds) so I don’t get confused…

Whilst trying to visualise her cottage, I realised it was the little wooden one that used to stand next to the Three Horseshoes pub in the town I grew up in… Unfortunately a few years ago it was flattened, and there’s now some modern flats in its place, such a shame.  But luckily I’d taken a photo of it… let’s see if I can work out how to add a pic to this bloggy thing… hang on…

Granny Battle's cottage

Aha, result! I remember going past this wee place in my pushchair, clutching one of those ‘magic painting’ books mum had just bought me from the corner shop at the bottom of the road. Remember those? When you painted over the black dots with your fat kiddie paintbrush loaded with water, colours would appear – wow!  Then there were the ones made of blank sheets of shiny white paper, and when you scribbled over them in pencil a grey picture would appear. Anyway, RIP lovely wooden house.  Of course, in GB’s world it’s a lot scruffier, probably more trees, and there’s a scraggy hedge at the front and a creaky gate which is ALWAYS shut.  Until Ellis opens it to go and investigate a strange noise, and something runs out.  Queue his introduction to the world of GB.

Right, off, to do something constructive…



2 responses

4 11 2009
Gary Bowden

I remember my 1st magic painting book. I held it under a running tap and presto! it was all coloured in – didn’t really see the point after that.

4 11 2009
rose appleby

You cheat, you! Must admit, think I remember doing that myself too! Thanks for visiting 🙂 !

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