Today so far – in rhyme

4 11 2009

Woken up by dodgy knee

can I walk? We’ll have to see.

Coffee, toast, arthritis pill,

harvest roses in FarmVille.

Job search – yawn – there’s nowt today,

apply for something anyway.

Open Tweetdeck, see what’s new,

on Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace too.

Ooh look at that, well goodness me –

Spaceships playing NEC!

Tidy kitchen, empty bin,

catflap rattles – Oscar’s in.

Has his breakfast, cleans his fur,

sits on laptop with a purr.

Get some coffee, move the cat,

Skype and Bluetooth – let’s try that.

Plug in Bluetooth, wait and see…

dongle doesn’t like handsfree.

Open Word and move the cat

Granny Battle, more on that.

Sometime later time for toast,

check for email and for post.

Back at laptop, move the cat,

he isn’t very pleased with that.

Granny’s coming on quite well

when someone rings the front door bell.

Windowcleaner and his mate

pay him then unlock side gate.

Nightshift partner’s out of bed

coffee on and cut some bread.

Ask him how the evening went,

someone had an accident.

Car’s a write off but he’s fine

phone starts ringing, isn’t mine.

Back to Granny, nothing new,

light a fire and make a brew.

Wonder what to cook for tea

fancy curry, wait and see.

Neil Gaiman tweets a link,

pep talk on how writers think.

Read it through and feel inspired,

back to Granny ‘til I’m tired.




2 responses

8 11 2009

We had a small black cat called appleby but she answered to the name of pippin. Mm? she’d say, did you want something?
You may have met her.

love xx

8 11 2009
rose appleby

Pippin rings a bell – think we were acquainted, didn’t know she was an Appleby though! Thanks for the visit! x

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