The Frog Prince – Chapter 3

9 11 2009

Chapter 3

‘Hi Gran, guess what, I’m marrying the Prince tomorrow, okay, bye!’ said Neeta hurriedly and turned to leave, but Gran put a wrinkly hand on her arm and stopped her.

‘Oh, that’s nice dear,’ she quavered, ‘and what are you going to do on your wedding night?’

Neeta looked shifty, then narrowing her eyes she said,

‘I’m going to put that nasty frog in a box, run deep into the forest, tip the frog out and then the wild animals will eat him!’ She smiled proudly. ‘Then when I’ve got rid of the King and Queen, I’ll be in charge and can do whatever I like!’

‘Oooh, that’s nice dear,’ said Gran, ‘Look, here’s a nice pair of woolly socks to keep your feet warm in the forest.  You be sure to put them on now, won’t you?’

Neeta took the socks, which were actually quite nice and fluffy, muttered ‘Thanks’ and ran home.



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