The Frog Prince – Chapter 2

9 11 2009

Chapter 2

In a clearing in the forest on the other side of town, there was much activity in a little tumble-down wooden shack.  Beardy Norris Nuggins was sitting in his chair by the fire watching his youngest daughter, Nesta, clean his best boots.  His oldest daughter, Neeta, was parading round the room in a wedding dress that had just arrived from the palace, and his middle daughter, Nelly, was sulking in the corner.

‘When I’m Queen,’ said Neeta, ‘I shall have so many dresses that we’ll have to build a whole new wing on the palace just to fit them all in.  And another wing for shoes!’

Nelly ran to her room crying loudly.

Nesta finished the boots, settled down in a chair, and started sewing new buttons on her father’s jacket.  He stretched in his chair.

‘You’d better go tell your Gran about the wedding, Neeta,’ he said, ‘she’ll be upset if she’s not told.’

‘Can’t Nesta do it?’ tutted Neeta ‘I am going to be Queen you know!’ she twirled and tripped over the bottom of her dress.

‘Nesta’s busy,’ said Norris,  ‘Go on, get that frock off and go now.’

‘But I hate going there!’ whined Neeta.

‘Just get going, girl!’ ordered Norris, and Neeta huffed and went to get changed.




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