The Frog Prince – Chapter 4

10 11 2009

Chapter 4

What a day it had been! A magnificent wedding, huge party, and so much cake that there had been a lot of belt-loosening and button-undoing.

Now night had fallen, and Neeta was sitting on the royal bed, eyeing the price who was sitting on a nearby chair, with distaste.  She shuddered, and with an evil grin she reached for the warm woolly socks Gran had given her.

As soon as the she pulled the last sock over her heel, there was a strange, squeaky noise, a small bang, a cloud of smelly green smoke, and Neeta disappeared.  In her place a fat, blue fly buzzed angrily in circles.  The Prince looked rather surprised, then – THLUP! – his long tongue shot out, caught the fly, and he swallowed it with a froggy gulp.




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