The Frog Prince – Chapter 5

10 11 2009

Chapter 5

Back at Norris Nuggins’ shack, the Royal Town Crier was nervously sharing a mug of ale with Norris.

‘Waaaaarl, she always did have a mind of her own,’ said Norris, ‘Probably ran off or something.  Ah well,’ he sighed.  ‘I suppose you’ll be wanting another of me daughters then?’ he asked.

The Royal Town Crier looked relieved and whipped out his quill and ink.

‘Oh, thank you Sir! Thank you very much! If you’d be so good as to just sign here…’ he gushed.

Nelly punched the air and cheered.

‘Make sure the dress is better than Neeta’s was,’ she ordered, ‘and I want a longer train, more sparkles, and much higher heels!’ She flounced off to her room to practice looking regal in front of her mirror.  Meanwhile, Nesta quietly picked up her father’s best boots and began cleaning them again.

When Norris and the Royal Town Crier had finished their drinks, the Royal Town Crier headed back to the palace and Norris called Nelly.

‘Go and tell your Gran,’ he said, ‘No arguing, just go now and then it’s done!’

Nelly grumbled to herself and set off.




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