The Frog Prince – Chapter 7

11 11 2009

Chapter 7

Everyone agreed that this wedding had been even more magnificent that the last one.  Most of the people had had to have bigger trousers and skirts made, and despite this were now having to undo buttons and loosen belts yet again – the cake had been tremendous!

Nelly sat on the royal bed sneering at the Prince, who was on the bedside table.  Then she reached for the woolly cardie Gran had given her.

As soon as she pulled on the last sleeve, there was a fizzling noise, a pop, and cloud of choky black smoke.  Nelly disappeared.  In her place, a fat black beetle scuttled angrily over the bedspread.  The prince raised his eyebrows, then – THLUP! – his long tongue shot out, caught the beetle, and he swallowed it with a froggy gulp.




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