The Frog Prince – Chapter 10

12 11 2009

Chapter 10

The town tailor had taken early retirement on all the money he had made from making bigger clothes for everyone, so people were rather pleased that this wedding was a rather quiet affair, and the cake – although delicious – had been a lot smaller.  Nesta hadn’t wanted too much fuss, and had said that the money would be better spent paving the roads in the town.

Now she sat on the royal bed and smoothed out the tiny pyjamas.

‘Come on then Jack,’ she said, ‘Let’s see how they look,’ and picking him up carefully she put on the little trousers, then the jacket.  As soon as she did up the last button, there was a loud spang, a sparkly noise, and a lovely twinkly cloud of silver glitter.

Nesta looked up in surprise.  The frog had gone, and standing in front of her in a very smart pair of blue stripy pyjamas was the most handsome Prince she’d ever seen!





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