Old sketches…

15 11 2009

Morning! Well, its all kicking off in the Archers this week… Even Stephen Fry was twittering about it!

Been going through old notebooks the last few days, trying to organise my random scribblings and remember the ideas behind them (if there were any!). Here’s a couple…

curly man

Quite like Wirey-Haired-Bloke – I think he’s Peter’s dad (from ‘Definitely No Elephants’).  Not sure who the little chubby dude is, or why he appears to have a deformed rabbit by his side…

Here’s a self portrait from my plaited-baggy-jumper days (lordy!)…


…and here’s a rough scribble of Granny Battle (the mental-private-investigatory-too-many-cats-big-motorbike-character)…


Oh blimey, it’s just struck me that perhaps the sketch of Granny B is a prediction of what I’ll end up looking like, haha! Actually, maybe I shouldn’t laugh… maybe I will end up looking like that… maybe I already do, oh no!

Prime scribbling time used to be on the tube on the way too and from work in London… ooh, that reminds me… where’s Beardy-Bloke? Saw a fab bloke on Golders Green station once and sketched him… now where’s that… hang on… aha!


He had such an impressive beard and belly I had to sneakily get him down on paper.

Right, that’s all for now… time for a soak in the bath with Radio 4, then pop out for a paper (possibly nip into the local to read it with a Deuchars) then home to write.  Happy Sunday!


ps – Ooops, how rude of me! Forgot to thank all those of you that were following The Frog Prince, had some lovely feedback, cheers! x




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