Dustbin lids and grandmas…

18 11 2009

Wow, kept awake most of the night by wind (of the weather kind).  Took me right back to being in Iceland, it was that strong at times.

Realised at one point that these days there’s something missing when it’s really windy… that sound from childhood, followed by the comment from your mum or dad… remember?

Clanngggggggg. ‘Next door’s bin’s gone.’

This was often followed by a comedy metallic rolling sound.  And if you were very lucky and got to the window in time you’d see some bloke running down the street trying to catch their dustbin lid as it bowled merrily down the road. If you were really lucky and next door’s bin had been empty, you’d get to see a whole bin making a bid for freedom – usually in a different direction to the lid, but at the same time.  Aaah, those were the days…

Yes friends, I salute the demise of the Dustbin Lid, and with it the demise of the opportunity to write a comedy ‘bin blowing off and rolling down street chased by father in pyjamas with only one slipper on’ passage that would be understood by children these days.  Wheelie bin lids don’t come off. And if they did they wouldn’t be able to bowl merrily, because they’ve got corners.  These are sad times indeed.

And shortly afer that thought, I remembered hiding my sister’s tambourine behind the curtains in the front room at grandma’s house.  No idea what the link is there!  But as I was thinking about grandmas, I remembered the scribbles I’d seen in a random pad the other day, so thought I’d pop them on here:

Imagine you’re a big grandma looking down on a tiny grandson/grandaughter, and you’ll get the idea of what I was trying to do here… dunno why… maybe it was for a birthday card or something…

Anyway, enough! Off to fix the washing machine if I can… was making some worrying clattery-crashy noises yesterday (the washing machine, not me), just hope it’s not too far gone.  Wish me luck, I’m going in…




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