Snow and fat blackbirds…

8 01 2010

Ooh look, it’s a new year, outside it’s all white and fluffy, and the country seems to be grinding to a halt. Had a little sprinke of extra snow in the night here, and… ooh, it’s just started snowing again! Hurrah for proper winters!

The cat is totally freaked out.  He only goes out to go to the loo, and is spending a lot of time sitting by the back door staring out the cat-flap in disgust.  When he does go out, he tries his best to either tread in previous paw-prints, or jump between rare patches of snow-less ground. Of which there ain’t a lot.  Ooh look, big flakes!

Been listening to local radio the last couple of days just to hear the lists of school-closures (how sad!).  Memories of sitting round the green formica kitchen table at breakfast waiting for Radio Leicester to announce the closure of our primary school.  Getting so wrapped up in extra jumpers, scarves, wellies and gloves that you’re rendered almost spherical, and sitting in freezing classrooms with your mittens on.  Now, was it just one of my birthday parties in February that a lot of kids didn’t make it to because of the snow, or just one? Or maybe they just didn’t want to come – hmmm, that hadn’t occured to me before! One little boy had to stay for ages because no-one turned up to take him home – was that snow, or forgetful parents?  He’d bought me a jigsaw puzzle of a lassie-type dog and a little girl in front of a roaring fire, and we did the jigsaw together whilst he waited to be collected.

Then there was the lorry driver.  A big lorry broke down outside our house – did the diesel freeze, or is that a made-up memory? Did he spend the night on the sofa, or is that made-up too?! I’m sure he came in for a hot drink at least, and mum may have made him a flask to take out with him while he tried to get his lorry going again – did he light a fire under it to try and thaw it out?!  That’s got to be made up… or is it?!

Snowball fights on the green by the Mace shop – always good fun until you get a snowball in your eye. Clumps of snow getting stuck to your woolen mittens, rendering them useless at making snowballs… tramping through the snow on the central reservation keeping your eyes on the ground to make sure you didn’t tread in the little yellow holes…

Well, I’m going to get a fire lit now and edit the second shed story with my notes from yesterday, then it should be just about done and I can get on with the third one, the first couple of chapters of which popped out a couple of days ago.  No title yet…

Look, there’s a very fat blackbird on the path outside with a beakfull of snow.  Blackbirds seem to turn into obese cartoon birds when it’s cold and they fluff their feathers up.  This one has absolutely no neck whatsoever, and he’s now sitting on the fence looking about as disgusted with the snow as the cat. Oh, and he’s gone.

Well that’s that then.




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