Long haired granny…

12 01 2010

I’m intrigued.

Someone landed on my blog the other day by searching for ‘long haired granny’.  Can’t help but feel a bit disturbed… does the internet think I’m a long haired granny?  Being long overdue a haircut isn’t helping my paranoia…

Had an extremely funny cat moment over Christmas – one of those ones where you’re kicking yourself for not having had your phone/camera trained on it in video mode.  It went a bit like this…

Rather quiet, old, shy, small, nervous black cat with white paws comes out the cat flap into partner’s sister’s garden whilst partner and I are outside having a crafty fag.

Cat is not expecting people to be outside, and feels the urgent need to run away.

Cat jumps onto garden table.

Cat gives one of those quick pre-launch bum wiggles and leaps to the top of the garden fence.

Cat misjudges top of garden fence by a good metre, hits fence with belly and all four legs splayed out diagonally.

Cat slides down fence, hits ground, jumps again in panic, rebounds off table and disappears over top of fence.

Partner and I absolutely wee ourselves.

No, we’re not cruel nasty people – if you’d seen it you’d have been incapable with laughter too! It happened so fast, and the only thing missing was the comedy cartoon sound effects.  I’m sniggering now thinking about it.  It was almost as funny as when our cat was having a mad half-hour, tore down the hall into the bathroom, shot between my legs, jumped onto the side of the bath, misjudged it, landed in the bath… which was full of water (and bubblebath).  He was moving so fast that he somehow managed to jump straight out the water and leg it back down the hall leaving little puffs of bubblebath in his wake.

Oh dear, bit of a giggle problem now, best sign off…




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