Porch paranoia…

27 01 2010

It’s going to happen one of these days.

One day I’m going to nip into the porch, forgetting to put the front door on the latch, it’ll shut behind me and I’ll be locked in a 1.5m square glass box in full view of the main street.  Of course, I won’t have my mobile with me.  Or any keys.  And I’ll probably be in my pyjamas.

This will happen.




One response

7 02 2010
Existential Poet

Well, those sorts of things do happen. I might have written a haiku about crawling into my kitchen window, which I had to break. haha It wasn’t that great, actually.

I love your blog 🙂 and so I am giving it the Sunshine Blog Award. You have to visit my blog to “pick it up!” I received the award myself and am passing it along to 12 blogs. So that’s how it works.

And your blog definitely is on my list! I’m still working on my list of twelve 🙂

Congratulations on a great blogging effort. It is definitely a “sunshine” blog for me…

BTW, my previous blog, Existential Pause, filled up with haiku. After I topped 2000, I decided I needed to start a new one – 3 actually, but this is supposed to be about your award, really.

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