Bring me sunshine…

8 02 2010
Look what I got!
Isn’t that nice? Haiku Master The Existential Poet ( very kindly gave it to me and I’m most chuffed!
I now have to nominate 12 blogs for this award myself… and I’m not allowed to nominate The Existential Poet, so I may struggle here. Apart from him, there’s only one other blog I read regularly and it’s this one…
Can I do that? Well I just have, so now I somehow have to tell him.  Oh dear.
Anyway, all that sunshine yesterday prompted me to listen to an old Morcambe & Wise CD (boom-OO-yata-ta-ta…), which was nicely followed by a documentary-type thing on telly about the Goon Show (‘I’m not a spy, I’m a shepherd!’ ‘Aha! You’re a shepherd’s spy!’). Oh, the belly-laughs…
And that’s about all, really. Back to some words, and to trying to decide if Peter should find George in the boot before they leave for the shops, or after… hmmm…

Over and out for now…




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