Names and pants…

20 02 2010

Most amusing time on Facebook yesterday – I asked for suggestions for a boy’s name, and got some corking responses! Oh, and just to set the record straight, no, I’m not pregnant, I was looking for a name for a character…

Only two of you suggested your own names (cheeky!), and I particularly liked the way one of you tried to hide your own name in a list of four others…

The award for the oddest real name that came up has to go to ‘Amazing’! And apologies to the teacher who suggested it for causing her to abandon her lesson-planning to search through her pupil lists… [snigger!]

I don’t think the right name has come up yet, but there was one odd suggestion that I’ve had to google a bit.  Turns out it’s a Chinese girl’s name, and it may well be perfect for another character who’s quite new and as yet nameless.  Or maybe not now… She’s Ellis’ unwilling side-kick in the Granny Battle stories, and is the most unpopular girl in school, mainly because she’s clever, boring, scruffy, and has a nightmare temper when roused.  She may now end up being Chinese, and called Pancey – and, of course, her nickname would just have to be Pants.

And now back to the shed…




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