The little ash cloud…

18 04 2010

Oh dear. I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s all been a bit hectic here, mainly due to me suddenly finding myself in full-time employment again which has drastically eaten in to my online time. Thinky-writing time is still good though, as I have a couple of hours train commute a day, and a whole hour for lunch (gasp, luxury!).

And then that volcano went off again last week… so I haven’t been able to help myself. My first weekend after a full week of ‘proper‘ (?!) work has seen me glued to volcano webcams and Twitter… My name’s Rose Appleby and I’m a volcano fetishist…

Anyway, thought I’d better plop a quick blog, and what better thing to do with it than to share with you a silly little poem that’s been brewing about The Ash Cloud (I think it deserves initial caps, don’t you?). Like the ash cloud, it’s probably going to keep growing, but here it is so far…

I had a little ash cloud,
I fed it every day.
But then my little ash cloud
began to blow away…

It blew to Scandinavia,
it blew to Scotland too.
And then it blew to England –
I don’t know what to do.

My lovely little ash cloud
is causing quite a fuss.
Instead of people flying
they are forced to go by bus…

There’s people stuck in China
and strange sunsets on the Tyne;
I’m getting quite embarrassed of
that cheeky cloud of mine…

There, that’s what we have so far. Raw and uncut.

And now back to the webcams… oh dear… I’m such a volcano geek…