Reindeer Issues?

16 12 2010

I think Santa has a little problem. He was outside Derby station this morning with his sleigh, and there wasn’t a reindeer in sight.

I can only assume that the reindeer are ill, on strike, or have become yet more victims of the recession and have been laid off due to the high cost of jingle-bell upkeep.

Whatever has happened to them, Santa has obviously been forced to switch to a back-up plan and travel by train this year. He’s probably making an early start to avoid being late due to engineering works and possible sudden snow.

Actually, now I think about it, the recession can’t be the reason, as I’m pretty sure when you add the costs of all Santa’s train tickets up, they’ll come to considerably more than the cost of replacing a few jingle-bells. Unless he’s been given a free train pass…

No, me neither. Strike or ill it is.