The Great Scooter Escapade…

14 12 2011

Hello? Hello? Remember me? It’s been a while…

But I have an excuse for my prolonged absence… It’s a sad one though. It involved a Daddy that lived abroad, who got a bit poorly after Christmas last year, then really poorly… then in August we lost him.

Dad was such an inspiration to me in many, many ways – from his curiosity in everything to his cheeky sense of humour (sometimes it was very hard to tell if he was serious or joking!) – and he certainly wasn’t the sort of bloke that would like to see me sitting around being sad, so I’ve been focusing on lovely memories, and I’d like to share one with you here 🙂

When my Mum and Dad were ‘courting’ (top word!) they used to go off for trips on Dad’s scooter. One dark, rainy night they were trundling along somewhere in Gloucester and as they went over a railway crossing (called California Crossing), the scooter slipped on the rails and they both came off. Mum was fine, but Dad hurt his elbow, so he asked Mum to drive. Bit of a controversial move that as Mum was just a learner…

Can you guess what happened next?!

They got back on the scooter, Mum on the front driving, and off they went. Within seconds, Mum completely failed to negotiate a turn and ditched the scooter!

And here, ladies and gentleman, are my proud parents, shortly after the afore mentioned incident – note how chuffed they both look, how the scooter is missing it’s big glass windscreen and how it shows evidence of serious dintage to the front mudguard!


I’ve known and loved that photo for years, but only known the story for about a year – it so happened that I was chatting to Dad one night and mentioned that my other half (who works on the railway) was working in Gloucester that night. And Dad related the story of the Great California Crossing Scooter Escapade.

Thanks for reading! x




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