Santa’s secret…

15 12 2011

This time last year (almost to the day) I noticed Santa had a reindeer issue – he and his sleigh were outside Derby train station with not a reindeer in sight.

I’m sorry to report that this year things have got even worse.

This morning, there was the sleigh – all twinkly lights and tinny music – and once again, not a reindeer in sight. But there was something else missing.

Santa himself.

Maybe he’s on strike, or ill this year? Or maybe he’s been laid off himself what with all this continuing recession business? Or perhaps he is travelling by train after all, got separated from his sleigh in a platform mix-up and was coming on a later train?


I have another solution to this conundrum. It’s obvious really, and has to do with the stress of the recession, and having to lay off his reindeers and what-not.

He’s taken up smoking, and was hiding round by the car park having a secret-Santa-cigarette.

Case closed.



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