Arise Sir Kenneth!

2 01 2013

Good lord, two posts in two days, aren’t you a lucky reader?!

Following on from yesterday’s words about Sir Quentin, the New Year honours list also included a designer as well as an illustrator – arise Sir Kenneth Grange!

‘Who?’ I hear you cry…

According to a popular online encyclopedia, his design work has included such classics as UK parking meters, Kenwood food mixers, Wilkinson Sword razors, Kodak cameras, Imperial typewriters, Morphy Richards clothes irons, Ronson cigarette lighters and Parker pens. So the chances are you’ve probably all unwittingly come into contact with his work at some point.

But here’s the biggie…

See that sexy nose on that sexy Big Yellow Train? That’s Sir Kenneth that is. Well, it’s his nose. Not his actual nose obviously, but his design. Yup, he was responsible for the design of the Intercity 125 (otherwise known as the HST) back in the 1970s. But just because I happen to work on one now isn’t the whole reason why I’m so chuffed about his work being recognised with a knighthood…

The Intercity 125 in a way pinpoints the germination of my interest in graphic design. Our local library ran a competition to design a poster for said train, and – no doubt thanks to Dad passing on his train-love to his daughter – I entered. And I won a prize! Hurrah! And now, just for you, here is my winning effort… I think I was about 12 at the time…

drum roll…

Ta daaaa!

Unfortunately it’s not the final finished artwork – which I still haven’t found despite turning the entire house and loft upside down – just a rough sketch. But I still think it’s pretty cool!

Congratulations Sir Kenneth!




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