Beware the coloured sticks…

3 01 2013

Oh, you’re back! Hello again!

If you read my last post (pause for trumpet solo), you’ll know I spent quite some time yesterday trying to find a bit of train-related artwork I drew when I was little. It eventually turned up in the loft, in a box of old schoolbooks and childhood memorabilia. But before I found it, I found a few sheets of paper proudly titled “Short Stories and Poems” in my wibbly kiddie-scrawl. After a quick peek I just had to bring them downstairs to share with you over a few blog posts – unedited and with original illustrations. I’m guessing I was probably around 9 years old when I created this mini-masterpiece, although a second trip into the loft may be required to try and match my handwriting to a schoolbook to confirm how old I was.

The scene is set by the following shocking announcement…


[Pauses to giggle – ‘two coloured sticks flew up from the ground’?!]

And here’s the first poem…

The Doodle-a-Gonk

The Doodle-a-Gonk is a timid beast,
Haunted by its fears,
When cornered in a wood it may,
Dissolve itself in tears.


Awwww! Move over Ricky Gervais and your Flanimals!

Tomorrow I shall be educating you on the curious Spot-o-Spine…





2 responses

3 01 2013

What fun! Worth keeping

27 01 2013
rose appleby

Thanks! Must have another route around up in the loft one day to see what other little ‘treasures’ of childhood are lurking around… 🙂 x

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