Naked Ruperts and buzzard battles…

5 01 2013

Evening all!

A wee ramble before the continuing saga of flight 5079 and the unknown island…

Yesterday I told you that when I was little and I liked things, I tended to take them apart to see how they were made. I neglected to mention that I then took great delight in putting said things back together. This reminded me of a time when my curiousness got the better of me, and I discovered that it wasn’t always possible to put things back together again…

For Christmas one year when I was very small, I was given a Rupert Bear money box. On the outside, it was brightly coloured and furry (covered in that flocky stuff), but when I removed the bung from the hole where you’d take the money out and stuck my finger inside, it felt shiny. This intrigued my little kiddie-brain. If it was like that on the inside, how come it was all furry on the outside? Around the edge of the hole, my inquisitive fingernail discovered something… So I retired behind the sofa with Rupert and started picking. Soon I had a small mound of flocky-ex-Rupert-coating, and a rather sad, naked, shiny brown, vaguely Rupert-shaped plastic thing. Most disappointing.

Then I realised there was no way I’d be able to restore Rupert to his former furry glory.

I can’t remember what happened next – I probably stuffed the Rupert-bits under the sofa and emerged, somewhat subdued, to carry on with Christmas under a cloud of ex-Rupert guilt…

And now it’s time to meet the next creature from the unknown island, hurrah!

Here we go…

The Flocust

O, how queer the Flocust is,
It flies in the midday sun,
When battling with a buzzard
You may hear it cry “I’ve won!”


Tomorrow’s creature is my favourite – ooooh, can you possibly contain your excitement to find out what it is?!

Right, off to cook a curry, see you on the morrow…




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