Bonky conky magnet feet…

6 01 2013


Just a quick one – don’t know where the day’s gone! Excuse the pine needles, I’ve just taken Christmas down and they’re everywhere…

Today’s snippet from the story of flight 5079 and the unknown island (a long forgotten manuscript from my tiny years, found in the loft whilst searching for a drawing) isn’t a poem, but I remember this creature very well…

The Bonkord

The Bonkord has a triangular body and its feet are strong metal talons which are covered in very strong magnetic paint. On its nose it has a very heavy iron ball which it swings from side to side. It feeds on any metal so the 5079 had to be covered with jungle foliage to stop it being seen. They weigh up to 12 tons and are very dangerous.

Teehee! Hmmmm, can’t think where the shape or name for that one came from…! And I obviously started my apostrophe problems quite young! I particularly like the way I’ve demonstrated its magnetic powers with ziggy-zaggy lines and what appears to be a spade being attracted to its feet…

Actually, come to think of it, the magnetic paint reference is quite impressive – if it was invented after 1980 I’ll be very upset I didn’t patent the idea when I was 9!

Right, off to pick pine needles out my hair…




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