Ziggy with added dots…

7 01 2013

Top of the morning to you all!

I still want to know when magnetic paint was invented after yesterday’s post. Tried searching the internet to no avail, although I did find the company that claim to have invented it – might have to drop them an email to satisfy my curiosity!

Before I present today’s little ditty, I thought I’d give you a quick recap on what I’ve been wittering on about these last few posts. You’ve probably gathered these little things were found in the loft in my childish 9-year-old-ish scrawl – you can either recap the introduction here on a piccie of the original page, or just read this:

The Unknown Island

“Here is an important news flash. The 5079 mystery tour plane was flying over an unknown island today when two coloured sticks flew up from the ground and put out all the propellers. The plane had to make a forced landing. When the passengers split up into groups and began to explore they found some very strange things…”

One group found a pond with ducks swimming upside down in it and trees and flowers that were all topsy-turvy.

The other groups found lots of queer animals like Spot-o-Spines, Doodle-a-Gonks and many other different things…

Observations: Those two coloured sticks still make me giggle! I also appear to like the word ‘queer’, and my over-usage of ‘dot dot dot’ seems to have started at an early age…

Righty-ho, here’s today’s little offering. Are you all sitting comfortably?

The Zig Fly

The Zig Fly is a queer fly,
It’s covered in green spots
When flying over mountains
It dissolves into small blots!

I got the apostrophe right in that one, and look – it’s the Q word again!

Tomorrow’s wee rhyme is about a little bug that’s blue… You’ll never guess what I called it…

Toodle-oo for now!



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