Blue bugs and boobies…

8 01 2013


It’s just occured to me that if I keep my resolution of a-blog-post-a-day, I need to come up with 357 more forms of greeting to get through the year. Erk.

I have a bit of a dilemma at the moment. I’m on my way home from an overnight stay in Newcastle after work yesterday, and while I’ve been away my other half has installed some motion-sensitive security cameras in the house. And he’s going to be out when I get in, so will have left the cameras on. They’re the kind that send an alert and video clip to his phone if they detect movement.

So my dilemma is this…

When I walk in the door, should I:

1. Ignore the camera
2. Wave goofily
3. Flash my boobies

I have about two hours to decide…

And now it’s time to meet today’s creature from the unknown island!

The Blue Bug

The Blue Bug is a tiny flea,
It clings to woollen things
When everyone is fast asleep
The Blue Bug sometimes sings!

Awwww! Although going by the drawing, the Blue Bug is technically more spider than flea, owing to the generosity of my black felt-tip pen in the leg department.

Catch you tomorrow!




2 responses

8 01 2013
Sophie (onetenzeroseven)

The Blue Bug is adorable!!

Hahaha, amazing. You should definitely do option 2 or 3… 3 is my fave, but bear in mind if someone else gets hold of his phone… :/ Hehe!

Sophie |

27 01 2013
rose appleby

They’d needle-felt rather cutely, wouldn’t they?! Hope no-one managed to de-pixelate the image I posted on the next post :-O !!! x

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