It’s a-maze-ing… WARNING: May contain boobies

9 01 2013

‘Allo ‘allo!

Before presenting you with the last (yes, it’s true!) little gem of the saga of flight 5079 and the unknown island, I’d better tell you about the results of yesterday’s Great Security Camera Dilemma…

After deciding upon my course of action, I opened the front door yesterday (after leaving my bags in the porch and fluffing up my hair a bit) expecting to see a teeny-tiny camera blinking at me from the corner of the room facing the front door.

There was nothing. Not a whiff of one.

A careful look round the room proved fruitless, so I decided that the other half had probably just installed the one by the back door as a trial, so I headed through the house and sure enough, there it was, exactly where I expected to find it.

I did my business.

A bit later, after a few trips back into the other room and much exploring, I found the other camera.

Much later, when my other half got home, we reviewed the video clip alerts he’d been sent – hahahaha! The back door camera clip was spot on! But far funnier were the four clips of me searching for the one observing the front door – culminating in my face looming up to it before noticing it!

So they work, and are highly recommended – if only for their comedy value!

Right then, moving on. Here is the last little poem from my wee collection of childhood scribblings…

The Red Fly

The Red Fly is a little bug
A relative of the big, fat slug.
It’s seen at night in a misty haze,
Finding it’s way out of a maze.

I’ve just realised what the yellow scribble around the flies is – it’s the misty haze!


What are you waiting for?

Oh, I see – you want to know which option I went for!

Here we go then…

Well I did say may contain boobies – you honestly didn’t expect me to post the un-edited version did you?!





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