Thinkishly over-smudged…

10 01 2013


Oh my cheeky Facebook friends – according to my stats, lots more of you than usual have paid a visit to my ramblings here the last couple of days – I can only assume it was the hint of possible boobage that drew you to my jolly bloggage. Ha!

Not much to report today – trainey work got in the way! Although the word (or non-word) ‘thinkishly‘ has been playing on my mind. It sounds like the sort of word Granny Battle would use… Something like: ‘You said that a bit thinkishly. What aren’t you telling me?’


Oh, and overheard a little girl on the train commenting to her mum on a make-up advert in a magazine: ‘If you put all that make-up on, you might look a bit over-smudged.’

I rather like that phrase. Actually I feel a bit over-smudged right now – not in a make-up way, more in a tired, wibbly-train-legged way. Best call it a day for this little postette…

Until tomorrow…



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