Road House…

14 01 2013

I’ve developed a pronunciation problem.

It stems from living in a crazy country for seven years, and getting used to their pronunciation rules.

Whilst the Icelandic language is bonkers, it does have the advantage of sounding like it’s written, so once you’ve mastered the basic pronunciation you can pretty much have a go at even the longest and most complicated looking word and stand a very good chance of getting it right – unlike English, which is full of nonsensical pronunciation hazards.

Oh, apart from the Icelandic words for wig and shark. And kitten and old lady. And ashtray and cheesetray.

And I did once chip a tooth trying to pronouce the word for school report.

When I moved back to England, I found that every now and then I’d accidentally pronounce a word as it was written – and here’s the weirdest thing – even if I knew full well how it was supposed to be said!

It still happens, even after nearly ten years, and last night I made a cringingly glaring blooper.

I happened to mention to my other half that I was a bit miffed I’d forgotten to watch Blandings, the new dramatisation of the stories by Wodehouse. Except I pronounced him how he’s spelt.

If you’re big Family Guy fans like us, you’ll probably know what we both said next, and how we said it…

“Wode House!”

So I’m very sorry Mr Wodehouse, but whenever your name comes up in conversation in future, it’s always going to be mispronounced in the voice of Peter Griffin….




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