Strange birdy chirrups…

16 01 2013

Well, that was a bit embarassing.

Walking up to the station this morning, a strange bird started chirruping as I passed a row of little houses by the station yard. I had a nosey over the garden fences but couldn’t see anything, then concluded it was either a car or burglar alarm – it was too regular to be a living noise.

It sounded as though it got a bit louder when I walked onto the frosty platform, so I had a bit of a wander up and down, flexing my ears to try and pinpoint where it was coming from.

Eventually I gave up, deciding it must be coming from the offices occupying the old station buildings.

As the train was running a few minutes late, I got out my trusty iPhone to have a twiddle with.

And as I pulled it from my pocket, the sound got louder.

Yup, it was the alarm I’d set last night to remind me to post a letter at the box by the station.





2 responses

16 01 2013

haha, brilliant!

27 01 2013
rose appleby

Lol, ta! Still blushing…!

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