Bug green and palm-farts…

18 01 2013


When I found that little book of silly poems in the loft that I’d written when I was wee, it reminded me of something very special.

The colour ‘bug green‘.

To fully understand and appreciate the colour bug green, your young life must have included two things:

1. A book by Richard Scarry, preferably ‘What Do People Do All Day?


2. One of those bumper packs of felt-tip pens, preferably received as a Christmas present, and with at least one in it that didn’t work (usually the yellow one).

Remember Richard Scarry? Buckle the Cat? Zip the Postman? Lowly Worm? Mrs Alfalfa’s egg-whisk earrings? I loved searching every page of that book, trying to find Lowly Worm. But by far the best character – and the smallest, and probably the rarest too, was…

…drum roll…


There. Can you see him? He’s very small. It’s Bugdozer, yaaaaaay!

And have you guessed what colour he is?

Yup, it’s bug green!

There always seemed to be one felt-tip pen in those bumper-bargain-pen-packs that was exactly Bugdozer’s colour – and from the moment I first spotted him in ‘What Do People Do All Day?‘ that colour became known as bug green. And it still is today.

So now you know.

Right, I’m off to practise palm-farting…




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