Missing mousey bits and unexpected hugs…

21 01 2013

A couple of days ago when I blogged the non-rhymey version of my rhymey story, I missed a bit out.

I forgot the mouse! How could I have forgotten the mouse, especially as towards the end of the post I included a rhymey bit about the mouse!

So here goes with the mousey-bit. It comes after the cat and before the spider…


The cat jumps back over the garden fence, and I notice a tiny face peer out from behind a plant pot. It’s a little brown mouse, and after checking the coast is clear, he scurries out and sits on the path cleaning his whiskers. I decide to ask him.

The mouse hops onto the guitar and twitches his nose at the strings. He bites one experimentally. Then he turns to me and squeaks, “No, I can’t play guitar – my tiny paws are way too small.” And he dashes off in search of a beetle for tea.


Well I wasn’t sure how I was going to end this post, but something really sweet just happened on the train! A little boy with what I think was Down Syndrome had been chatting non-stop with his dad since I’d got on. His dad obviously understood every word he was saying, and I found myself listening in, but could only pick out a word or two of what he was saying. Suddenly he appeared by my side, pointed at my bright orange rucksack, and proceeded to talk about it to me. I showed him the zips and pockets, and my train keys. He was very impressed, and showed his dad. Then as we pulled into his station, he reached over, gave me a massive hug, a kiss on each cheek, and one on the nose.

Totally unexpected and utterly wonderful!

‘Bye for now!




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