The Rhyme-Catcher…

22 01 2013


A chance response to a very nice rhymey man on Twitter pinged into existence a new character today…

I said “…stalks off with rhyming-net over shoulder…”

And suddenly The Rhyme-Catcher was stalking about in my head.

He’s very tall and very thin, with a long beaky nose. His skinny black, smudgy, trousers are a bit too short, so you can see his ugly brown striped socks, and he wears a long black coat full of moth-holes (and moths). He also wears a waistcoat with baked-bean-juice crusted on the front, a revolting purple scarf and a very tall and wonky top hat.

Over one shoulder he carries a net on a long pole, sort of like a butterfly net, but with a much longer stick, and over the other shoulder he carries a smelly old sack, full of all the rhymey-words he’s caught.

He stalks about stealing other people’s rhymes which he then puts together into his own – terrible – rhymes…

The first option was that he stalks about catching bad rhymes and thus saving rhymers from making big sillies of themselves, but I like the rhymey-word-thief option better.

I can see him perfectly in my head! And nearly smell him too, pooooooo-ey!

This is kind of what happens when he spies a rhymey word that he wants all too himself…

“Aha-ha-ha!” The Catcher spat,
“Aha-ha-ha, I’m ‘avin’ that!”

He swung his wordy net about
And swooping down he caught without
Then waiting ’til it went quite slack
He stuffed it in his rhyming-sack.

So another little thing to work on, hurrah! It may end with him reciting a truly awful rhyme he writes using all the rhymey-words he stole, and getting pelted with smelly rotten vegetables and run out of town.

But we’ll just have to see…




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