More berries and boobs…

24 01 2013


*dashes into hotel, checks in, whizzes up to room in lift, changes out of smelly orange gear, whizzes back downstairs in lift, buys pint, sits down, blogs.*

More berries today!

A bit of surfing proved last night that I hadn’t invented crackleberries. *sad face*

It turns out that crackleberry is in fact another name for a huckleberry.
There’s even an old phrase, “A huckleberry over my persimmon” (nice one!) was means “a bit beyond my abilities“. I rather like that. So I’m not sad that crackleberries existed before I thought of them. But mine will be better, because they do special things…!

There are a couple of other berries that will be appearing in the Granny Battle saga, one of which I’ve giggled about secretly for ages.

The Crow Berry.

Not funny? Well in Iceland it’s called Krækiber. And that’s definitely funny, because it’s pronounced ‘crikeyberry‘. I’m not sure yet of the special properties of the crikeyberry, but it will be something that makes you think ‘Crikey!’.

Another berry that will feature is the Stone Bramberry. Again, not very funny until you know its Icelandic name is Hútaber – sounds like Hootaberry. So this particular berry would lend itself to either boobs or noses. Probably, considering this is a story for children, noses. More specifically, smells. Granny Battle may well use hootaberries in the gunge she mixes up to detect smelly feet, which you can read about here.

Pauses to giggle at ‘boob-berries’…

Well, I’m all berried out… catch you tomorrow!




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