January in Rhymish…

31 01 2013

I’ve done it! I’ve gone a whole month with a blog post every day! Hurrah!

So now I have to decide whether to carry on with a daily post, or whether to relax a bit and just post once or twice a week… or whenever the mood takes me…

To be honest, I’ve found the challenge of finding something to post about every day has really got my mind back into something vaguely resembling creative-mode. I’ve had lots of new ideas, picked up and dusted off a story I hadn’t worked on for ages, and am almost starting to feel like someone who is trying to be a writer again…

So maybe I’ll carry on with a daily post for the time being… Let’s see how it goes…

To round off January, here’s a little conglomeration in Rhymish (that strange, often ignored language spoken by people who are trying to write rhymes but not always getting it right) of what I’ve been wittering on about for the last month:

January in Rhymish

Two shiny new Sirs for the start of the year,
Children and trains and strange noises you hear.
Ancient old manuscripts found in the attic,
And pains that are thought to be palindromatic.
Felt pens and palm-farts and playing guitar,
And a bonkers old lady who’s rather bizzare.
Flashing at cameras and poets and cheese
Odd sounding berries and sudden cat wees.
Waving at trains and joint-ownership cats,
Rebus and Rankin and small sleeping bats.
Swithering needles and words in a sack,
Tatty-bye Jan-u-ree, don’t hurry back…

See you in February, folks!




2 responses

31 01 2013

This is a very charming piece!

1 02 2013
rose appleby

Thank you! x

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