Because Feb rhymes with web…

1 02 2013

Hello February!

The following happened by accident because nothing rhymes with February, but Feb rhymes with web…

‘Twas in the merry month of Feb
A spider span a sticky web
It was her very first attempt
So on perfection she was bent.

She toiled and laboured night and day
Until her feet began to fray
And finally, as set the sun
Her wonderous sticky web was done.

A web of glory, web of might,
A-twinkling in the evening light
She gazed in awe and gave a sigh
Then suddenly she heard a fly.

It buzzed towards her pride and joy,
In panic she cried ‘WEB AHOY!’
She yelled ‘Stop, stop!’ and waved a leg,
‘Go back! Go back, or round instead!’

But onwards flew the little fly
Too busy looking at the sky
He didn’t hear the spider’s call
He didn’t hear a thing at all.

Then suddenly his flight was stopped;
He found himself tied up in knots.
Struggling left and struggling right
He put up quite a frenzied fight.

But finally, his strength all shed
He stopped and drooped his little head.
‘I’m done for,’ thought the little fly,
Then somebody began to cry.

‘My lovely web!’ a voice did sob
‘My masterpiece! My first real job!’
The spider wept and looked so sad
It made the fly feel rather bad.

‘Oh spider, please don’t weep,’ he said
‘I have an idea in my head!
If you would only snip me free,
We’ll fix your web, both you and me!’

The spider wiped away a tear
And at the fly she hard did peer,
‘You really mean you’d help?’ she said
And little fly did nod his head.

He held quite still as spider snipped
And soon from out the web he slipped
Then both together they did start
To fix the bits he’d torn apart.

And as the moon began to wane
The web was in one piece again.
It wasn’t quite as good as new
But spider said that it would do.

So off buzzed little helpful fly
And spider waved and called ‘Goodbye!’
Then smiling at her sticky web
She curled up small and went to bed.




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