Feelin’ Leary…

4 02 2013

Greetings from Newcastle train station!

I couldn’t sleep for limericks last night. Then I got up today to hear the news about Richard III, so it had to be done…

There once was a man name of Bird,
Who dug up King Richard the Third.
He said with a grin,
“I’m sure that it’s him,”
But his wife said “Oh, don’t be absurd.”

But wait, there’s another…

There once was a sexton called Bird,
Who drank so much gin that he slurred.
He drove out from Bosworth,
In his old Ford Cosworth,
And dug up King Richard the Third.

I sincerely apologise for those…

And here are a couple more – these were keeping me awake last night so I had to get up to write them down…

There once was a lady from Ryder,
Who sat on a rather large spider.
It said with a shout,
“Mercy me! Let me out!”
When it found it was trapped up inside ‘er.

There was an incredible flea,
Who liked drinking camomile tea.
Whilst taking a sup,
He fell into the cup,
And got drunk by a man from Dundee.





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