Battle stations…

6 02 2013

Hello hello!

Today I have another installment of Granny Battle and Ellis for you – as usual, it’s squeezed straight out of my noodle onto the page, so it’s raw and uncut! And as you can see, I still haven’t found a proper title yet…

Oh, before we start I should tell you that Ellis has had a rucksack with him all this time. I haven’t mentioned it before because I didn’t realise he’d need one. But now he does, so he’s got one. So there.

Right! On with the show!

Oh wait, one more thing – if you’ve forgotten what happened last time, it’s here.

Update: Here are links to all previous chapters…

Chapter 1 – Crackleberries…
Chapter 2 – What happened next…
Chapter 3 – Tweaked odour eaters…
Chapter 4 – Startled dragon wee…
Chapter 5 – Cats: The truth…

Hold on to your hats, here we go…


Chapter 6

A noise like a foghorn made Ellis jump. Granny Battle unfolded her arms and fumbled around in a trouser pocket, finally pulling out a slim, black mobile phone. She squinted at the screen, then jabbed at it with her finger. The sound stopped.

Ellis was impressed. He’d never seen an old person with a phone like that. He was also a bit jealous – it looked like the very latest model, much sleeker than his which, was now a few years old. Granny was still dabbing away at the screen and muttering to herself, and Ellis peered harder at the back of the phone. Actually, it looked different. He could just make out what looked like more lenses than there should be, and right in the middle was something that looked like a small hole.

Granny looked up and noticed him staring.

‘It’s got a few tweaks,’ she said with a shrug. ‘Right then, we just about have time. Get yours out, there’s a few Apps you’ll need to download, then we’ll be off.’

Ellis decided to ignore the “be off” bit for the time being – then realised he should probably also ignore the fact that she not only knew he had a phone, but she also appeared to know what sort of phone he had. He was much more interested in the Apps she was talking about – after all the strange things that had been going on, he reckoned they’d be something rather cool. Lifting the dragon carefully off his knee, he stood up and placed it gently on the chair, where it fizzed softly to itself. Then, digging his phone out his bag he went round to Granny’s side of the table. She held her hand out for the phone and with a milli-second of hesitation, he passed it to her.

‘What are the Apps?’ he asked, as she deftly flicked open his settings and connected to a wireless network called “BuggerOffAndGetYourOwn“. Ellis smothered a smirk.

‘A map, and some other stuff you might need,’ she said and launched his internet browser, typing in a strange looking address. The screen went momentarily dark, then an animated orange dragon appeared on the screen. Little jets of flame shot out its mouth, and curled and twisted to form six menu options on the left hand side, in flaming orange text.

‘Sick!’ said Ellis, leaning forwards to try and make out the words.

Granny looked smug, and clicked on the bottom menu item which read, rather disappointingly, “Downlaods“. Ellis pretended not to notice the typo, although he thought he saw Granny stiffen slightly as he thought this. A new screen appeared with a long list of strange looking words, each with a tick box next to them. She scrolled quickly down the list, ticking boxes here and there.

‘Er, I don’t have much space left on it,’ said Ellis as she continued scrolling and clicking.

‘S’allright,’ said Granny, ‘they’ll make room for themselves.’

Ellis looked worried. ‘They’re not going to overwrite anything are they?’

‘No,’ said Granny, ‘As I just said – they’ll make room for themselves.’ She reached the bottom of the list, tapped on the word “install” and the screen changed again to a little spinning dragon, chasing its tail. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen zipped across at lightening speed, then the screen changed back to the main menu. Granny closed the browser and checked the time.

‘Right,’ she said passing him the phone and heaving herself up, ‘Time to go!’
Ellis took the phone and looked at the screen eagerly. There was a new folder called “Battle Stations” on his homescreen. His finger hovered towards it.

‘Not yet, not yet,’ said Granny who was doing a circuit of the kitchen, stuffing random things into a large, battered rucksack, ‘I’ll show you on the train.’

Ellis reluctantly stuffed his phone back in his pocket/bag, then said ‘ – ‘ as Granny replied ‘The next train! Come on, chop chop!’ and swinging her bulging racksack over one shoulder she bustled out the kitchen, pausing only briefly to grab the small orange dragon, who was sitting expectantly by the back door.

Ellis shrugged, slung his own bag over his shoulder, and followed her out.


Aha! It seems that the bit with the train happens in the next chapter – I thought it’d be in this bit, but apparently not, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Or until whenever I write it…

Update: Here’s the next chapter…
Chapter 7 – An exploding dragon?




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