Rubbish and railway nods…

9 02 2013

Evening all!

I’ve changed my mind about how Granny Battle speaks.

Earlier on in the story, you may have noticed that she had some sort of semblance of an accent thing going on, and I’ve decided to knock that on the head. There are a couple of reasons for doing that:

1. It was rubbish,


2. It was really really really rubbish. The sort of really really really rubbish that makes you cringe when you read it back later. And the more times you read it back, the more rubbish it gets.

I do however like the ‘slooth’ spelling mistake comment, and the ‘downlaod’ typo (which was a proper typo on my part, but just I was about to correct it I remembered slooth and changed my mind), so I’m thinking now that Granny might talk with the occasional typo… we’ll see… Anyway, that awful attempt at an accent is history. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

And now on to a different subject (but sort of related).

There’s this little thing that goes on when I’m be-decked in my railway gear that I like to call ‘The Railway Nod’. Walk around any railway-ey environment wearing the slightest hint of orange, and you’ll get it. It could be a workman, driver, station staff… anyone who’s bearing the distinct markings of being in the same industry.

As you pass each other, your eyes meet, and you both give a little nod. Sometimes a hint of a smile may be involved. And sometimes you might say to each other ‘Ri?’ as you nod.

Of course, it could just be that I’m wearing a duck on my head or something… but I’m pretty sure it’s not. It’s a ‘Hello there fellow railway person!’ thing, and I think it’s rather nice.

Which got me thinking about secret nods of recognition, so I think I’ll be working The Railway Nod in the Granny Battle story somewhere. Hmmmm… TRN. Only needs a couple of vowels and it’s a train… hmmmmm…


Short but sweet tonight, I’m off to do some thinking…






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