Holiday clothes & size issues…

11 02 2013

I’m feeling rather large.

I shouldn’t be, because I’ve been wearing an old pair of jeans today (my decent ones are packed up at home, waiting to go to Paris) and they’re decidedly roomey.

I think I’m feeling rather large because the bathroom in this hotel is teeny. And it has a bath squeezed into it, and it’s the teeniest bath in the world. It’s so teeny that for a split second when I first peeped in there, I wasn’t quite sure which was the bath and which was the loo.

Okay, maybe that was a teeny lie. But it is a very teeny bath. I can’t even stretch my legs out properly sitting up! And no, I’m not Miranda-sized, I’m just average – maybe verging on the small size of average.

But everytime I look in that bathroom I feel HUGE!

I think the best thing I can do is close the bathroom door and pretend it’s not there…

…and now I’ve got a ponder in my head about clothes getting excited about going on holiday…






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