Cat on a string…

21 02 2013

Hello hello hello!

I’m back! Back from a holiday in Paris, and so back to my blog. Did you miss me?!

Here’s a little thing prompted by something I saw in Paris…

Cat on a string

It would have been easy to miss her. Easy to dismiss the tangle of rags as being just that – a tangle of rags. But something caught your eye, and made you look again.

There – just there, a few feet away from the bundle, sitting on a ledge and looking disdainfully into space. It’s a large, rather fat, cat – its colour and markings making it almost indistinguishable from the stained grey concrete around it. But there’s a flash of colour, and that’s what had caught your eye.

The cat is wearing a red leather harness.

And attached to the harness is a red leather lead.

And if you follow the lead along the ledge, then down a bit, it’s attached to the bundle of rags.

Which aren’t a bundle of rags anymore, but a tiny old street-lady, muffled up in layers of random rags, her head hidden by scarves, and just the smallest bit of nose visible, peering out from between her layers.

The cat gives you a dismissive glance, then returns to his staring.




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