Weirdy head pictures…

2 03 2013

Evening all!

Question for writers, artists, illustrators, animators, filmakers… and the rest!

Do you have weirdy-head-pictures?

When I’m working through ideas or stories in my head, I often see them, but never so clearly as last night.

I’d been up all day, then worked a night shift so I’d probably been awake for 26 hours or so. When I finally crawled into bed and shut my eyes, I instantly saw a picture.

There was a forest, with a path disappearing windingly into the distance. The trees were tall and skinny, and there was the occasional tiny cottage nestling alongside the path. It wasn’t real life, but illustrated, in a sort of watercolour-and-ink style – very friendly looking, not in the least scary. I realised the trees were gently swaying in a breeze – and then, in the distance, something moved. I concentrated on the end of the path and saw it was a small boy walking down the path towards me. He was teeny, dwarfed by the huge trees. Every now and then he’d stop and talk to someone, or knock on a cottage door and talk to whoever opened it. Sometimes it was people, sometimes animals. As he got nearer he stopped a passing bear (which was walking on two legs). From the little boy’s body language, it was clear he was asking everyone he stopped a question. There was a very warm, friendly vibe to the whole thing, and no sound – just gentle, moving images. I was entranced and tried to focus harder so I could hear what the little boy was asking, but as the next thing I remember was waking up, I guess I fell asleep!

So I have a story idea – I just have to work out what the question was! Sadly I’m not a good enough artist to be able to draw what I saw (which is a shame as it was lovely), but I tried a rough scribble with the aid of Adobe Ideas and Snapseed:


I got a bit carried away with the Grunge effect, but you get the idea!

As I said before, seeing pictures in my head of ideas is nothing new (and – I hope! – fairly normal for creative folk!) but this was so vivid, and the harder I looked, the more I saw. So it’s made me wonder…

a) Was it due to lack of sleep?
b) Was it just a replay of some story I’ve read, or animation I’ve seen?
c) Do other creative folk have similar experiences?

I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts…

I’m also rather interested to find out if the experience repeats itself in a couple of weeks time after my next night shift…!





2 responses

5 03 2013
SJ Main

I love the picture – it’s good enough to be in a book. I don’t tend to have my thoughts and ideas as pictures, they tend to arrive in words and feelings. I probably am less visually oriented I would guess.

5 03 2013
rose appleby

Gosh, thank you! 🙂 Our minds are weird and wonderful things!

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