8 03 2013


I’ve done gone and rhymed! I asked Twitter for a word or subject to rhyme about, and the lovely Rebecca from Rebecca’s Emporium replied “Yellow! Seeing as it’s so gloomy out!”

So here it is…


Little Larry gave a shout,
“Oh my,” said he, “it’s gloomy out,
the rain’s a-drizzling from a sky
so grey it makes me want to cry.”

He wiped his long and tear-stained nose
Then donned his waterproofest clothes:
A yellow coat, with boots and hat
And yellow trousers – fancy that!

With heavy heart he ventured doorwards,
Opened it and stepped out forwards
Waiting for the pitter-pat
Of rain upon his yellow hat.

But wait! What’s this? He looked up high
And saw a bright and blue-hued sky!
He waved his hat with hoots and cheers
And felt the sunshine warm his ears!

Little Larry cried with glee,
“Oh my, this sunshine’s grand to see!”
And flinging off his coat of yellow,
Off he skipped, a happy fellow!

Tatty-bye for now!




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