Moments of mum…

9 03 2013

Seeing as it’s Mother’s Day, I decided to share five lovely memories of my mum with you.

Then ten.

Then it got a bit out of control, so I whittled it down to twelve.

But first, a few old photos.

My mum’s name was June. In her teens, she was rather into the Salvation Army – here’s a piccie of her in her uniform…


Isn’t she lovely?

And here’s one of mum and dad on their scooter – you might have seen it before as I used it in a blog post about their Great Scooter Escapade


And finally, here she is on her wedding day…


And now, without any further ado, here are my twelve mum-moments…

12 Mum Moments

1. Mum pushing me in my pushchair, stopping off at the corner shop to buy one of those magic painting books – remember them? You’d paint over a dotty picture with water and colours would appear! Magic!

2. Sitting on the floor in the lounge by the fire hearth, mum teaching me to read from little cards she’d made with letters on.

3. Saturday mornings – the old twin tub washing machine filling the kitchen with the smell of Fairy Snow, and mum halving and de-pipping grapes and giving me a little yellow tupperware bowl full.

4. Mum kept everything – empty loo-roll tubes, silver paper from Easter eggs, cereal boxes, milk bottle tops, matchboxes, empty cotton reels, wooden lolly sticks, bits of corrugated cardboard… all carefully sorted and labelled in boxes in a long walk-in cupboard at the end of the passage in our bungalow – we called it The End Cupboard. So there was always an endless source of crafty materials to fuel my imagination – often just going for a rummage in The End Cupboard if I was at a loose end would prompt an idea for a new creative creation.

5. Visiting our Grandma and Grandpa for tea – Grandpa would reduce us all to giggles by asking in a daft voice, “Would you like some jelly June?”

6. Helping (?!) mum make posters for Girl Guide events. She taught me how to draw holly one Christmas and let me add sprigs to the corners of each poster with big fat red and green marker pens. Still love the smell of those big chunky pens…!

7. Mum teaching me how to wrap presents – full details here on my old blog site!

8. This snap of mum peeling potatoes, probably taken around 1980, because it reminds me of her lovely spontaneous daftness! It must have been a weekend morning, because the Camp coffee’s out! Probably a Sunday, and the potatoes are due to be roasted for dinner… drool


9. A shopping trip to Leicester on the train to buy new suitcases for mum and dad. One – of course it was the one mum was pulling! – turned out to have squeaky wheels and we giggled our way round town and back home…

10. One of those juggly moments – in this case mum was squatting on the floor retrieving ice-cream cones from a tin at the back of a cupboard, when the cones took on a life of their own and leapt out her hands. It’s was okay though, she caught them – between her knees and they exploded into waffery shards. She laughed so much she toppled over!

11. The cat-wee incident – see the end of this previous post!

12. About a year after mum had died, I dug out my old manual Mamiya camera that I hadn’t used for a couple of years to try and take some decent shots of pictures I’d been drawing. There was film in it, and I couldn’t remember what the last pictures were I’d taken on it. I took the film in to be developed, and got back this series of photos! I’d been trying to get a nice shot of mum, dad and Rupert the cat, but Rupert wasn’t playing ball and did a runner, causing mum to collapse giggling against dad – resulting in my all-time favourite photo of them together!


Happy Mother’s Day mums! If you’re a mum I hope you get thoroughly pampered, and if your mum is around, I hope you pamper her thoroughly!




6 responses

10 03 2013
Jason Berridge

Absolutely adorable! πŸ™‚

10 03 2013
rose appleby

Cheers Jason! πŸ™‚

10 03 2013

That’s a lovely blog Michelle, it’s got me thinking of nice memories with my with mum too xx

10 03 2013
rose appleby

Thank you Gillian, and glad my post sent you on a happy memory lane trip! πŸ™‚

10 03 2013

So lovely!

10 03 2013
rose appleby

Thanks! πŸ™‚

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