Another crazy rhymey challenge…

12 03 2013

Evening all!

To keep myself awake on the way home from a hugely long shift, I decided to do another Crazy Rhymey Challenge on Twitter, so put out a plea for words to include, or a subject.

These were the suggestions…

Stethoscope from @shaggydogyarns

Deipnosophist from @laurothecheerio (Yep, I had to Google that too!)


Thai Green Curry from @rachel__elliott

So. Er. Thank you girls… I think?!

And here’s the resulting rhyme…


Flowers smell and candle flickers,
Dora wears her lucky knickers,
Table is all set and shiny,
Guests arrive and say “Cor blimey!”

From the kitchen see her scurry,
Dora with her Thai Green Curry.
Places it upon the table,
Brandishes a great big ladle.

Then she topples, hits the ground –
Guests all gasp and gather round.
Large man frowns and says “I hope
That someone has a stethoscope?”

Pockets patted, heads are shook,
A skinny lass at Dora looks,
“I rather think she may be pissed –
But I am no deipnosophist.”

“I think you’ll find you mean a nurse,”
A fellow said, then gave a curse,
“Good lord! But what to do?” he said,
“I fear that dear old Dora’s dead!”

Guests were squealing, minds were blowing,
Dora’s lucky pants were showing.
Then a voice said “Stop! Don’t worry!
I’ll serve Dora’s Thai Green Curry!”

Seats were taken, plates were filled,
Curry eaten, praises trilled.
Dora smiled a secret smirk
And waited for the drug to work…

I make no apologies whatsoever for that! I do enjoy these rhymey challenges – they’re also a great way of keeping yourself awake, so thank you ladies for your suggestions, and for keeping my brain occupied so that I didn’t fall asleep on the train and miss my stop!




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