Thoughts on blog promotion…

17 03 2013

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

Today I thought I’d offer a few observations – not really advice, as I don’t think I’m really qualified to do that – on promoting your blog. This was prompted by seeing a tweet from someone who’s just started blogging, asking if anyone had any tips on increasing blog readership. I tweeted a few thoughts, then thought ‘Why not expand on that in a blog post?’ – so here we are.

Before I start, I must make it clear that I’m not the sort of blogger that’s constantly checking stats and worrying when they’re low. Although it does intrigue me when they’re high, because I want to know why! Whilst I’ve had my blog for a few years, it sat dormant for quite a while and it’s only since January 1st this year that I really started it up again. More on that here and how starting to blog again really helped to kickstart my creative juices!

So, here are some little things that I’ve come to realise, or that I do, or don’t do. Actually this is going to include Twitter thoughts as well…

1. A blog post every day is the best way to increase readership and tempt people to follow you, or at least check in regularly to see what you’re up to.
2. Don’t always post about the same things, for example your craft, your business, your mission etc. People like to get to know you, so share bits of your life with them. Did something daft happen on the bus? You read a good book? Saw a great film? Your cat bought a live turkey through the catflap?
3. Think about blogs you like to read and visit regularly. What makes you revisit them? Why do you like them?
4. One of my personal hates are sceduled tweets on Twitter. I find it hugely annoying, and akin to lying – I ignore tweets that are obviously scheduled. If you’re not awake, don’t tweet! I appreciate people are trying to catch readers from different time zones, but personally it irritates the pants off me!
5. Another Twittery thing that bugs me is folk that tweet the same link to the same blog post day after day after day after week after week…! So I don’t do that.
6. Don’t just tweet a link to your blog post. Write something in the tweet, make it personable. And if you tweet the link two or three times on the day of posting, don’t just copy and paste – say something different in your tweet!
7. If you really want to have a massive view-boost for a day or two, get a link to your post re-tweeted by someone famous. Preferably by accident, without you realising it. Then allow yourself plenty of time to jump up and down on the sofa squeee-ing and frantically refreshing your stats as your views go through the roof. Be warned though that this will totally mess up your average view figures for the rest of the week/month/year! This was my post that got such a re-tweet – from the author himself no less! I thought my stats were broken until I dashed over to Twitter and noticed his retweet!
8. If someone comments on your post, reply to them.
9. I always pop a link to my latest post on my personal Facebook page. I don’t mind if people ignore it, but I know I have a few friends who like to read my blog, so don’t feel guilty about sharing your posts there. Just don’t do it 20 times a day!
10. Finally, don’t let your stats rule your life! Personally, I’d far rather have just a few hits a day from people who are genuinely interested in what I have to say, than loads of hits from people who are either ‘helping’ to up your views, or have landed there by accident because you’ve used a cheeky tag or two that aren’t really relevant to your subject matter.

So there we have it – my top ten thoughts on blogging and promoting your blog. If you find them useful, hurrah! If you don’t, or disagree, then never mind!





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