Violet and the fastest toboggan in the west…

19 03 2013

Well. I wasn’t expecting that.

You know how things just, sort of, run away with themselves sometimes?

I decided to do another Crazy Rhymey Challenge on the way to work this morning, and it got totally out of control!

These were the words Twitter provided today…

@yorkshire_chris – existential, banana, knickers, blackberry

@hedzie – catapult, slimey, picnic, edge, pilot

@bostonkas – startle, blabber, luge (there’s always one I have to look up!)

@shaggydogyarns – syringe

@rachel__elliott was stuck for words today due to all the snow up her way, so I threw a bit of that in too.

I might have tweaked one or two of the words a teensy weensy bit, but it says in The Rules that I’m allowed to do that, so there!

And here is the journey this weird collection of words took me on…

Violet and the fastest toboggan in the west…

Violet went a-wandering
Out in the snow one day,
Looking for a mighty slope
Upon which she could play.

She wore her lucky knickers
And she carried her new luge,
She also had a picnic
In a basket that was huge.

Up she climbed, and up some more
Until she reached a ledge,
Then laying on her luge
She pushed herself right off the edge.

Down below ’twas market day
And gentle Mr Shearer
Was setting up his stall of fruit
As Violet zoomed in nearer.

Mr Benn the fishmonger
Had opened up his trailer,
And next to him was Mr Tweed
The county’s finest tailor.

Over to the tailor’s stall
Strolled good old Doctor Snedding,
To pick up a new suit and hat
He’d had made for his wedding.

The market place was bustling
And the folk were all a-chatter,
When suddenly a sonic boom
Across the square did clatter.

Mr Shearer stood back up
To straighten his bananas,
And Doctor Snedding said “My dears,
Let’s not let this alarm us!”

Mr Benn got to his feet
And shouted out “Cor blimey!
My trailer is in pieces
And my fish have gone all slimey!”

Meanwhile Mr Tweed looked pale
His stall was all a-tatter,
Something had dropped through the roof
And made an awful splatter.

Doctor Snedding’s suit was trashed –
He almost blew a gasket,
Then looking down he said “Hang on,
I recognise that basket!”

Then Violet zoomed back into sight
And folk began to blabber,
She catapulted overhead
And they all tried to grab ‘er.

Mr Shearer caught her foot
And spinning round and round,
He managed to hang on to her
Until she hit the ground.

“I thought so!” Doctor Snedding cried,
“I recognise that pilot!
It is my lovely fiancé,
My own delightful Violet!”

Violet wobbled dizzily
Her eyes were all a-sparkle,
“Oh my!” she said, “Oh silly me!
I didn’t mean to startle!”

Her eyes fell on the tailor’s stall
And saw upon the floor
A suit and hat she recognised
All covered in red gore.

Her eyes rolled up into her head
She paled beneath her fringe
Then from the crowd a voice yelled out
“Quick! Pass me my syringe!”

A deft injection did the trick
And Violet looked around,
She gaped in wonder from the Doc
To red splat on the ground.

“Pish posh, my dear!” the Doctor said,
“It’s really nothing drastic,
‘Tis only all the blackberries
From in your picnic basket!”

And so they hugged and all did cheer,
Some got quite sentimental,
And all agreed their morning
Had been rather existential.




4 responses

19 03 2013

Hahaha this was great! Nice work 😉


20 03 2013
rose appleby

Thank you! And thanks for reading! 🙂

20 03 2013
K (@bostonkas)

I love it!! Wonderful wordplay. 😀 Sorry about “luge” – don’t even know where that one came from, just popped into the brainpan as something fun to say. Luuuuuuge. Great job!

20 03 2013
rose appleby

Thank you! And thanks for joining in – and for teaching me a new word! Luuuuuuuuuuuuge! 🙂

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