Happy World Poetry Day!

21 03 2013

Hello hello, and a happy World Poetry Day to you all!

I decided to do another Crazy Rhymey Challenge today on the train home from London, and then realised it was World Poetry Day – a happy coincidence!

Here are the words given to me today by the lovely folk on Twitter:

greywing – wretched squirrel

yorkshire_chris – truffles, jester, pigeon, ciabbata, sausages

celadonsusan – clay, bowl

LimeyLimericks – Robotics Engineer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I really enjoy these rhymey challenges! And it always surprises me where my mind ends up wandering to with the words that I’m given!

So here we go – here’s my rhyme for World Poetry Day, which had to have a bit of a poetry theme to it in honour of the day. Hope you enjoy it!

Trying to rhyme…

High up in a twisted tree
on top of Caldy Hill,
There perched a lonely squirrel
who went by the name of Bill.

He gazed out o’er the River Dee
And heaved a mournful sigh,
Then just as he began to weep
A pigeon fluttered by.

Hearing sobbing from the tree
The pigeon turned in flight,
And noticing poor Bill
She asked him if he was alright.

“Oh woe is me!” the squirrel wept
And gave a mighty snuffle
The pigeon cooed in sympathy
And offered him a truffle.

“I’ve run away,” poor Bill declared
“My dad is quite severe –
He sent me off to Uni
And he chose me a career.”

“The job he had in mind
was a Robotics Engineer;
But I was always more impressed
with rhymes by Edward Lear.”

“But now I think I’m not cut out
To live life as a poet;
There’s not a rhyme for sausages –
Unless of course you know it?”

The pigeon pondered thoughtfully
Then slowly shook her head,
“I don’t think one exists at all”
she very sadly said.

Poor Bill let out an awful howl,
“I’m such a wretched squirrel!
I can’t find any poetry
out here upon The Wirral!”

The pigeon gave a cry –
The squirrel’s words had quite impressed her
“Why Bill!” she said
“I’m sure you have the makings of a jester!”

“Did I just rhyme?” he asked in awe
And cheered up – just a smidgen,
“You did – you rhymed quite beautifully!”
Smiled kind and friendly pigeon.

Bill blew his nose upon his tail
And felt joy fill his soul,
The pigeon passed the truffles
And they finished off the bowl.

Then squirrel cleared his throat
And quoth “Oh, what a lovely day!
My dear friend pigeon, tell me –
Is that bowl made out of clay?”

The pigeon clapped her wings
And gave a little jump of joy
“Oh squirrel! Now you’re on a roll!
You’re such a clever boy!”

The bowl fell off the branch
And hit the ground with a faint clatter
And Bill said “Hang on, wait for it –
that sound rhymes with ciabatta!”

Bill and pigeon danced with glee,
And quite lost track of time,
But neither of them cared because
It was such fun to rhyme!

I think Bill and the pigeon are right – it is fun to rhyme! Happy World Poetry day, and thank you greywing, yorkshire_chris, celadonsusan and LimeyLimericks for taking part today!

Update: You can listen to my reading of this rhyme here!




2 responses

21 03 2013

Brilliant, Love it!

21 03 2013
rose appleby

😀 Thank you! And thank you for your words!

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