The windfrog…

24 03 2013


During a random conversation with my other half yesterday evening, he accidentally invented windfrogs. It was too good an idea not to use…

Windfrogs have extra webbing between their front and back legs, a bit like flying squirrels. If you take them outside, you should always make sure they’re secured to something with a long piece of strong string…

The Windfrog

I had a little windfrog,
I fed him every day;
And then one windy winter’s morn
We went outside to play.

We found a little hillock,
And decided there to linger.
I tied my windfrog’s string onto
The ring upon my finger.

I waited for the perfect gust,
Then held my hand up high;
My windfrog gave a ribbit
And he leapt into the sky.

Up he flew with croaks of joy –
But then to my dismay,
The ring slipped off my finger
And my windfrog blew away.

Oh how I miss my windfrog,
His boggley eyes, his frown,
But once a windfrog launches off
It never can come down.





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