The Flying Flapper…

30 04 2013


Blimey, it’s all been happening here over the last couple of weeks! A beautiful new nephew, not getting tickets for Glastonbury Festival then suddenly getting them after all, meeting up with a bestest pal, and a jolly twenties-themed wedding!

And a late Crazy Rhymey Challenge. I’d intended to post this last Wednesday, but everything got out of control… in the nicest possible way though!

So. I asked for words, and Twitter provided!

@yorkshire_chris – Grumpy Gorilla
@mooseandmouse – Elastoplast
@shaggydogyarns – Spitfire
@AnnieBC3 – Flapper

And here is the result…

The Flying Flapper

High up in a mountain villa
Lived a grumpy pink gorilla.
All day long she’d sit and sigh –
She longed so much to learn to fly.

Then one day she heard some news
That blew away her grumpy blues –
Jumping up she said, “Oh cool!
A newly-opened flying school!”

So she packed a little case
And down the mountain she did race
In the school she took her place
To learn to be a flying ace.

But climbing in an old spitfire
She had an accident most dire –
As she grabbed a safety rail
Her hand slipped and she broke a nail!

As she wept atop the ladder
People all around did gather.
Said a voice, “Excuse me miss,
I don’t think you’re cut out for this.”

“With your looks and handsome figure,
I think you should aim much bigger –
Flying is all right for some,
But modelling’s where the fame is won!”

With a sigh she said, “Oh blast!”
And asked for an Elastoplast,
Then turning with a heavy heart
She went in search of her new start.

Six months on she’s headline news
In tasseled frock and dainty shoes!
See her pose, so proud and dapper,
Dressed up as a twenties flapper!

Thank you to those who submitted words – hopefully next time I’ll be back to my normal routine of posting the rhyme on the same day!





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