Locomotion Love

6 05 2013

Evening all!

Well, today’s Crazy Rhymey Challenge threw up a few co-incidences and a memory-jogger… But first, the rhyme…

Today’s Twitter-submitted words were:

@bostonkas: efficacious
@millieweb: cuckoo
@shaggydogyarns: The Duchess
@yorkshire_chris: Mallard

And here’s what my head made of them…

Locomotion Love…

He sighed and felt so very blue –
“I really don’t know what to do,
I love her more with every day,
But she’s so very far away.”

She shed a silent lonely tear –
“Oh how I wish that he was near,
I can’t bear that we’re kept apart,
I fear that it will break my heart.”

Meanwhile outside in the yard,
There stood an efficacious guard;
He pondered on the lovers’ plight
And wondered how to make things right.

Then suddenly he cried, “Cuckoo!
I know exactly what to do!”
And rushing in to find his boss,
He hoped he’d get his point across.

Late that night the lovers dream
Of people, whistles, shouts, and steam;
Through the clamour and commotion
They both dreamt of locomotion…

Next morning when the lovers woke
From dreams of movement, noise and smoke,
They saw in front of them the guard
His eyes a-twinkling, beaming hard.

The reason for their dreams was proved –
They realised that they’d been moved!
And Mallard gleamed with love and pride
To see The Duchess by his side!

So the co-incidences, obviously, are that two random Tweeters submitted words that also happened to be the names of steam engines… And those two engines are in the same museum… And they were moved a while back to be displayed next to each other – so the rhyme had to be a wee love story…!

Confused? This article may help… 🙂

The memory-jogger was “Cuckoo!” – my Grandpa used to come out with it every now and then for no apparent reason… Always made me smile!

But that’s not all – just as I finished the above rhyme, my train pulled into Newcastle Station. And pulling out a few platforms across were a couple of steam engines…

Toot toot!

ps – You can still see both Mallard and The Duchess of Hamilton at The National Railway Museum in York.

Update: A wee tweet received from The National Railway Museum “Beautiful poem. Unfortunately Mallard is currently in York, with Duchess in Shildon but they’ll be reunited again in Feb!”

Alas, the lovers are now even further apart, cross fingers their hearts don’t break before February! And thanks @railwaymuseum for your kind words!




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